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At Ray Lusk Plumbing, we sell & install all Top Quality Natural Gas, Propane and Electric Water Heaters, as well as Tankless Water Heaters. Click here to see the benefits of Tankless Water Heaters.  
Unlike other plumbing companies, that only sell one brand of water heaters, Ray Lusk plumbing offers many different brands of tankless, gas or electric water heaters including:
NavienTakagi | AO Smith | Rheem | Rinnai | State & more!
Each home is different, as is the family within. Having you and your loved ones in mind, Ray Lusk Plumbing is pleased to offer you a free consultation.
Going through all brands and their models of water heaters, outlining the unique features each has to offer, we will find the best fit for your home and family. We won't sell you on whatever water heater is available at the nearest supply house. Ever.

 Special Offers

Click below to see All Current Offers on Water Heaters NOW!

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heaters are the next best water supply for you and your family.

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