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     Ray Lusk Plumbing has added camera inspection to its extensive list of services to get to your problems fixed right. The camera inspection technology has been a valuable asset and tool to identify your problem within drains and sewers. Our camera technology inspects your pipes that are underground, in cement or under your home’s foundation.

     Our technicians run this technology through your drain or sewer to pinpoint the exact location of the problem, whether it be an obstruction such as root growth within your pipes, a grease build up, pipe misalignment. We can detect issues with pipe leaks as well that might be from: a broken pipe, possible corrosion, or any punctures within your sewer or drain lines.

     We, at Ray Lusk Plumbing, are committed to taking your problems into our own hands, locate your issues with ease then repair your problems in the most efficient way possible. Saving you stress, unnecessary damages to your home or yard, and most importantly- your time and money.


"Pinpointing the problem within your sewer or drain lines, efficiently. Saving you time, stress, money, and unnecessary damages."
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