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Ray Lusk's leak detection uses the most advanced leak detection equipment in the industry to pinpoint the location of hard to find water leaks in yards, behind walls, or even under concrete slabs. With our advanced leak detection technology, Ray Lusk leak detection can find the leak as well as repair it in the most efficient way possible.

Most other leak detection companies only use acoustic leak detection, which used alone can lead to less accurate locations and unnecessary damage to your home. Ray Lusk has possess the most advanced acoustics leak detection equipment in the industry, but also uses hydrogen tracer gas with a h2 probe to pinpoint leaks that acoustics equipment alone cannot locate. H2 tracer gas is also the only approved gas mix for use in drinking water.

RLP leak detection also uses a revolutionary lepton thermal imaging camera as well as the latest generation dual frequency locator system to not only pinpoint leaks, but to trace the leaking lines back to their source. This allows Ray Lusk to repair the leak in the most efficient, minimally damaging and cost effective way possible.

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